Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Which investment would you choose?

Recently, I received information about two exciting investment opportunities, and I can't decide which one to go for. Help me out here, people. Which one will make me richer quicker?

Option one - Rental properties in Oak View California.

Here are some quality rentals from Oak View (CA). Currently, this property offers three rental properties, each offering $1,600 rental income per month. The owner wants $1,500,000. What is the financing cost for this kind of cash? $9,500 per month. So the rental avenue looks a little shakey. Still, massive 50 percent per year asset appreciation should deal with that objection. Alternatively, I could think big. Teardown and build. I'll build 10 condos at $500,000 each and retire at early next year.

Option Two - Help Mr. Ahmed.

I just received the following email from a Gentleman in Africa.

Attn: Please,I am Mr Aja Ahmed, from Cote-Ivory Abijan. Presently residing in Dakar-Senegal because of the political crisis in my Country.I got your contact in strict confidence through Senegal Chamber of Commerce.

I would Honestly want to seek for an immediate assistance from you, I have $12.5 Million US dollars belonging to my late Father Mr Musa Ahmed,who was held bondage by the Rebels during the crisis and was letter killed.I ran to Senegal refugee Camp when I Discovered danger to my life and that of my only sister.

My late father has deposited the above mentionedAmount in a consignment with a FINANCE FIRM for safe keeping before his death and i have every Documents regards the transaction. I have contacted the FINANCE FIRM and confirmed the safety of the money/ inheritance.

As it is, I have the intention of investing the money oversees and however needed a Foreigner who is capable of giving adequate assistanceto me by the way of clearing the money from the FINANCE FIRM and the reafter forwarding it to your Account for investments.I have map out 35% percentage of the fund for you.

If Necessary,Please do feel free to ask me questions on this as I wait for your reply soonest.

Thanks.Mr Aja Ahmed.

(ps - The spelling and grammatical errors were faithfully reproduced from the original)

I have already contacted Mr. Ahmed. He has asked me to deposit $50,000 in a numbered account in Switzerland. Apparently, he needs that kind of cash to facilitate the money transfer.

I'm sure that you will agree, it is a tough choice.

Many thanks to Robert, who is one of our most regular and long-standing contributors. In contrast, this is Aja's first contribution. Do you think we will receive further investment opportunities from him in the near future? The MLS number for the CA property is 504428 and it can be found on

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