Thursday, September 6, 2007

What would the Queen say?

In the past, We have posted some butt-ugly real estate on this blog. However, this wreck is right up there with the worst of them. First, let us start with facts. First, it is on the market for $200k. Second, it is in LA, which explains quite a lot. Third, it is just 299 sq. ft. Fourth, it has a bath, but we're not sure about a toilet. Finally, the plot is just 0.12 acres.

The craigslist ad describe it as a "studio home". However, the listing went with "single family home". That, my friends, is a mockery of the Queen's English. A single family home? Please tell me that there is a law somewhere in California that prevents people from bringing up children in houses less than 300 sq. ft.

There are always the skeptics out there, who say "it is not about the house, it's the land value". This time, we have the answer to that feeble excuse. Just go to and put in the address. Look what comes out:

For tax purposes, the land is valued at just over $4.5k. From here we can go two ways. Either we can assume that Californian tax authorities are just stupid and can't properly assess taxes. Or, the current owner, along with his realtor, have grossly overvalued this property. I know which way I am going.

Many thanks to "ThereMIwhereRU", who sent this one in. Somehow, I don't think that is your real name. Whatever your name might be, we are grateful.

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