Thursday, September 6, 2007

Watch out! Dog on the premises.

The realtor write up suggests that this property is a "golden opportunity for your builders & architects to make a statement!". Presumably, the first statement will be "tear this PoS down".

Currently, the property has some tenants. But don't worry, the realtor assures us. The tenants are on "month-to-month"contracts. So the new owners can bring some additional misery into the world by turfing a couple of their fellow citizens onto the street. What is more, it will only cost them $850k.

However, the realtor also warns us that the tenants should not be disturbed. They have a dog. Is it wishing too much to think that this dog might be one of those big nasty rotweillers? Hopefully, it is slavishly obedient to its master and it will tear the throat out of anyone stupid enough to buy this wreck and make their owner homeless.

Thanks Eric for this one. Eric is a first time contributor who thought that this wreak might be a little dull. On the contrary, it was an excellent suggestion. For those who would like to see more, the property can be found here.

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