Thursday, September 6, 2007


This Seattle wreck was built between the gap left by two larger houses. It is a nasty one bedroom, one bathroom house in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Seattle.

While realtors might chant "location", the rest of us know that people can be extremely cruel. Status matters in America, and no one wants to live on the worst house in the neighborhood. Living in the smallest nastiest house on the street is just not very ego-enhancing. The current owner of this wreck must feel a terrible inferiority complex when he meets his more comfortable neighbors.

So we all can understand why he wants to sell it. However, our sympathy has its limits. We won't feel quite so sorry him once we realise that he is trying to offload this wreck for $260,000.

According to the realtor write up, the owner almost sold it to a first time buyer a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, this buyer pulled out. He probably saw his new neighbors laughing at him when he pulled up to look at the property a second time.

Thanks Bill for this one. The property can be found here.

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