Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wake up and smell the coffee

Connie Blumenthal is our first inductee to the Overvalued Realtor Hall of Fame. "For this lifelong Seattle resident, there’s no need for an extra shot of espresso to get her moving in the morning. She’s awake and ready to go as the first rays of sunlight reflect off Puget Sound. Driving to work, Connie looks to the white snow-capped mountains and then over to the Sound, where the ferry is making its way across the still waters, and is reminded of how fortunate she is to live in an area as dynamic as Seattle. “Every day is a great day when you’re surrounded with natural beauty, friendly people—and great coffee!” she says with a smile." At least that is what she says on her website.

Connie invites her clients to "wake up and smell the coffee". Her clients certainly smell something, but it doesn't come from anything roasted and grounded. Connie recently told one of her clients that "Now is always the best time to buy" so long as you are buying from her. Moreover, “real estate is the best investment you can have…you had better move now, or you will pay more next year”.

Connie is not slow to claim credit for the success of Seattle. According to her website, she makes it a "great day in Seattle". Of course, everyone in Seattle agrees with that sentiment.

Congratulations Connie, just make sure that your induction figures prominently on your action packed CV.

If you would like to nominate a worthy realtor into the Overvalued Hall of Fame, please send details and reasons. Remember, only the most overvalued realtors can gain admittance to this august body.

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