Thursday, September 6, 2007

Update on the great wall of Las Vegas

It is not a good idea to post a property twice. Just appearing on this blog once gives these wrecks way too much attention. However, here are two further photos of the yesterday's wreck from Las Vegas.

Yesterday's posting raised a troubling question. Why did the realtor use a photo of the back wall, rather than one of the front of the house. Well, William's photos provide a partial answer. The front of the house does look rather rough. The pavillion that covers the sidewalk looks ready to collapse, while the windows are rather small and unlikely to let in much sunlight. Well, let us be positive; at least we can confirm that the property has some. That was in doubt yesterday.

The neighbourhood definitely has that post-industrialization chic. In other cities, it prompted some to convert old warehouses into massive condos that couldn't be properly heated in winter and couldn't be cooled in summer. It it not to my taste, but perhaps there is someone out there who might be interested.

Thanks to William for finding these two photos.

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