Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They are getting smaller

This Maplewood (MN) house is so small, it's actually hard to spot during a drive-by unless you're paying attention. It is only 328 square feet!

However, this is a case where size really does matter. Last year the owner listed this wreck for $199,000. Of course no one bit, so he relisted and offered it for $111,900. Still no takers, so now he's asking $106,000.

This wreck was originally a one-room cabin built in 1900, located on the shore of a lake in a neighboring town. Sometime during the 1940s, it was moved to its current location, so it is really an RV without the wheels. It acquired a stucco exterior and a few interior walls to divide it into one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, and living room. It has essentially NO insulation, which kind of matters, given the mild Minnesota winters.

Many thanks to Mark for the photo. Mark also helped me with the write up. The MLS number is 3149943. It can be found on This is going to be a tough one to beat.

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