Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Spare a thought for the rich...

It isn't just us po' folks that have to deal with grasping and rapacious small-time property speculators, the rich seem to have similar problems. Take this $50 million Del Mar property, for example. The plot is just 0.95 acres. Perhaps this is America's most expensive house in terms of plot size.

Here is a couple of questions to throw out for discussion. This property has 6 bedrooms, yet it has 9.5 bathrooms. Do the rich have more bladder control problems than the rest of the population? Or were the architects playing a joke on the owners of this high range PoS. "How many bathrooms can we fit into one acre? Lets go for 9.5 and see if they buy it".

Many thanks for John for this unusual but worthy recommendation. Incidentally, I doubt if my entire lifetime earnings would be sufficient to meet one months mortgage payment on this property. The MLS number is 051048392.You can find it on www.realtor.com.

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