Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Small is beautiful in Studio city

Here is another one of those tiny overpriced Californian wrecks. This studio house in Studio city is listed for $550,000. For that, you get one bedroom, one bathroom and 636 sq. ft. As the picture suggests, it comes with a "charming" 2ft by 3 ft front garden. However, the new owner will face some tough trade-offs. Does he cut back that wonderful bush, or does he go for some sunlight from the window. Sunlight or bush? What would you choose?

Remember, if you buy it, you live in it. The plot is only 0.04 acres and any attempt to tear down the property and build a new house will run into considerable planning permit difficulties.

This one came from Kevin, who's occupation begins with the letter "R". Good luck with the downturn, Kevin. Remember the old 20-80 rule. Real estate sales is about survival of the fittest. Most of those newcomers will looking for counter sales jobs down in Macys within a year.

The MLS is R2015981. We always like to see ridiculously small houses on this blog.

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