Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sign of the times

Is this yet another example of realtor contempt for the American homebuying public? Rather than post a photo of the house, the realtors chose to publish a photo of the street sign. If the signpost said Massachusetts Avenue, Washington DC, then perhaps, it would be understandable. But Dean Street, Brooklyn? I don't know about you, but it is not an address that does anything for me.

I also sense that the two realtors responsible for this listing aren't exactly the sharpest around. They had a little trouble with their spelling and grammar. Here is the write-up:

"Three story three family townhouse. Property is 55 Ft deep. Near C train at Ralph Ave Station. also near a beutiful public park. Delivered renovated and vacant. "

Can anyone explain the reference to the depth of the property? Is there a particular advantage to having a 55 foot hole as a family home? Maybe it is one of those end-times real estate opportunities that are normally quite attractive to a certain clientele in Montana. Instead of moving out west, the new owner can stay where the jobs are, and prepare for the apocalypse right in the center of Brooklyn.

Thinking it through, that might explain why the realtors didn't print the photo. You wouldn't want others knowing that you are ready for the big one.

Thanks to Eugene for this one. This property can be found on here. Do we have any other real estate holes out there?

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