Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Show and sell

In general, realtors show a remarkable ability to ignore obvious contradictions when they put together their write-ups. Take this Oakland wreck for example. It measures just 744 sq.ft. However, the realtor points out that it has a large basement that is "Ideal for a large family."

Presumably, that brown door is the entrance to the basement. Does it remind of you of "silence of the lambs"? Jodie, where are you? We might need you to check out this one.

Can anyone explain this passage in the write-up? "Buyer to verify 3rd bedroom, many small room". Apart from the fact that the sentence is grammatically deficient, it seems to suggest that the realtor and the seller can't agree whether one of the rooms is, in fact, bedroom. So how would that conversation go:

Realtor: "Sir, I really don't think that we can consider this as a room, it is a cupboard"
Seller: "No it is not. You can easily sleep a child in there"
Realtor: "Only if the child could sleep standing up. Perhaps, we should leave it to the buyer to decide whether it is a bedroom or not".

And what of the price? This "highly motivated seller is looking for $419,000. This one was sent in by Lois. Many thanks. The MLS number is 40134784. It can be found on

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