Thursday, September 6, 2007

A shaggy dog on ebay

This duplex is the our first wreck from an ebay auction. Located in Mt. Washington area of the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, the owner has it listed for $815k. The owner also claims that all serious offers will be considered. Well, I seriously think that this wreck is worth just $500,000. Do you think that the owner will consider that offer? Not at the moment, then just give it some time.

The owners also say that they "are not kidding about that price". They "need to sell" because they are relocating to Connecticut and that "their loss is your gain!" However, the reverse is more likely; if you buy this wreck, your loss will be their gain.

The listing has no fewer than four, seemingly irrelevant, photos of a family dog. There is no suggestion in the advert that the dog thrown in with the house sale. It must be safe to assume that the owner sending the rather unsubtle message that "we are nice people, we love dogs, so please help us out by taking this wreck off our hands". Charity certainly begins at home. However, that charity will start in my home and not in some rancid wreck in L.A currently housing some desperate dog loving wannabe New Englanders.

Changing the subject, does anyone think that the house looks a little lopsided; like it is about to slip into a gorge or down a mountainside? That might explain the sudden desire to move eastwards. LA is certainly a wonderful city, but let us be honest. The ground over there does have the unnerving tendency to move suddenly every now and then.

Thanks to Douglas for this one. It will be listed on ebay for another 8 or so days. However, I am sure that these dogs, both the four legged kind and the one painted blue, will continue to appear on various west coast realtor sites for some time to come. The ebay item number is 4451057464.

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