Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Realtor recommendations.

"Honey, I'm going down to the mall, do you need anything"
"Yes, could you call into the real estate shopping lady and pick up a few overpriced condos for me"

Let's go real estate shopping with Gwen the hat lady. I'm finding it hard to refuse that invitation. Gwen promises to "bring an exciting, cheerful and fun process to your real estate experience." Fun? The last time I tried to buy a house I needed to be medicated for six months.

Gwen has a must-see website. Apart from selling real estate, she offers restaurant recommendations and the addresses of local theaters. She also has a link to a page "Why use Gwen". However, the page is blank. Perhaps the hat is recommendation enough.

This site doesn't have nearly enough realtor recommendations. The National Association of Realtors regularly give out awards to local realtors. Well, I am starting my own competition. So if you would like to nominate your favorite realtor, send the details

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