Thursday, September 6, 2007

Need a roof over your head?

When a realtor says that a house needs "tender loving care" then you know you are looking at something really nasty. This Dania (FL) house lacks an effective roof. In fact, the current owner is currently installing one.

Realtors sometimes say the strangest things. The write up suggests that the value is in the land rather than the building. Then why is the landlord putting on a new roof? Is he putting it up so that the new owner can just knock down?

According to this write-up the tax assessment is incorrect, implying that the plot is bigger than what is recorded at city hall. As good citizens, shouldn't they get down there as soon as possible and let them know that the current owner might not be paying as much tax as he should be?

And how much is the owner asking for? $340k. What? How much? Why? Is the owner mad, bad or medicated?

So many questions, but few answers........

Thanks to Sandy for this one. The listing can be found on

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