Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mud pool garage

Before you ask, this is not a house, its a garage in Warwick, Rhode Island. Moreover, it is listed for $750,000. However, don't get too excited by the waterfront description from the realtor. This is not an ocean front, it lies on a muddy inland water way. Historically, this location contained the poorest housing in the area.

Unpeturbed by this dubious past, the realtor describes the property as a "diamond in the rough" with the "potential to create a dream home". The write-up also suggests that prospective buyers should bring "imagination" with them when they go to a viewing. This is realtor-speak for "this is a hell-hole".

Despite its grubby location, we will try to accentuate the positive. It has electricity and a stove. However, there is no connection to the main sewage system. The new owner will have to deal with a septic tank and all that involves - oh merde!

Thanks Marie for second shocking example of the Rhode Island housing bubble. The MLS number is 556624 and it can be found on riliving.com.

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