Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lets be nice for a change

Recently, this blog has been plagued by realtor-types writing comments suggesting that I am way too negative. The blog is also accused of being homeowner-hating, and too pro-renter. In fact, I am a little surprised by the sudden realtor interest in this blog. For a long time, only bitter renters like myself were checking in and having a laugh at America's real estate wrecks. Previously, realtors were out on the streets cutting deals and had no time to be crusing the bubblesphere. Oh, how times have changed.

In response to the realtor onslaught, I will try to mend my ways. I am now going to try to be more positive and balanced about the houses posted on the blog. Here is my first attempt at being nice.

Here we have a beautiful 2 bedroomed single family home from Richmond (CA) listed for a very reasonable $410k. Selling features? Let us consult the great book of realtor cliches and see if anything might fit this property. We have a) handyman special, b) value in the land, c) location, location, location, d) fixer-upper, e) eat-in kitchen, f) beautiful paintwork, and g) fine landscaped garden. So who is ready to buy? What? No one? Why ever not?

Thanks to Joanne for this one. The listing can be found on I think I have a future writing reator write-ups, send me your most despicable wreck and I will try to find something positive about it.

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