Thursday, September 6, 2007

The League of Excellence

This blog has been slumming it recently. It is time to get back to million dollar wrecks. Here is a two bedroom dog from Santa Monica. It is currently listed for $1.7 million.

The realtor claims that this property is a "architectural jewel". Washington DC may have the White House, and Paris has the Eiffel Tower; however Santa Monica has 287 Amalfi Drive.

The realtor also points out that the yard has "room for a pool". Why did the realtor stop there? Why didn't they mention the potential for a helicopter pad, underground bunker or an independent missile defense system?

So who was responsible for this ridiculous write-up? The website pointed to Mary Beth Woods. I kept clicking and found her website and here she is:

According to her site, Mary Beth is has been "honored" with membership of the "Society of Excellence". I was feeling pretty good about myself. So I wondered whether I could join this Society. I googled it and found nothing. Therefore, it must be some kind of secret society just for realtors.

What, exactly does the Society of Excellence get up to? I just hope that it isn't one of those strange groups that meet in secret locations, wear weird costumes and form circles and burn things. Suddenly a vision entered my mind. After a difficult week at the office, the realtors gather in the woods, put on the hoods, and burn an effigy of a buyer, while chanting "You will buy; you will buy, you will buy........"

Why do realtors get to have all these neat groups? That is not fair. Why can't I join? So I've decided to set up my own. It is called the "League of Excellence". Anyone can join the league; there are no membership fees; just read this blog regularly and you are automatically a member. However, here are a couple of quick ground-rules; no hoods, no fires and no meetings after 6pm.

Lets get back to Mary. She can now add one more title to her achievement-heavy resume - she is now in the overvalued realtor hall of fame. The League of Excellence sends her the warmest congratulations to her after reaching the pinnacle of her profession. It doesn't get any better than the overvalued hall of fame.

Grateful thanks to Cliff for this one. The listing can be found here. Today, we are looking for silly societies for realtors. If you know of any, send them here.

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Lisa said...

I bet realtors are unhappy with you. But, I love your site!