Thursday, September 6, 2007

The King of Crap

Here is a property that should have been included on this blog a long time ago. It first appeared on the Marinite PoS website, where it won the less-than-prestigious Golden Turd award. The award goes to the nastiest real estate in Marin County.

This one bedroom, one bathroom property was priced at a tadge below $500k. The Marinite blog readers weren't very complementary. One reader described it as:

"The tar paper roof. The tin smoke stack, the plywood deck, and the foreground wall looks like it is made from fencing. This thing looks like some poor sod went to the local hardware store or scrounged up some stuff and built his own domicile on some land he had. And for something like that you have to pay nearly a half of a million dollars! Unbelievable! Do people not see how insane this is?"

However, the realtor was more circumscribed with their description. They said that the property was: "Affordable opportunity. Fixer upper. As is sale."

Many thanks to the Marinite blog for nominating this wreck. Please check the blog out. It is one of the best around. There is also a sister blog, which is well worth a look.

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