Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Impossible dreams

The realtor write-up on this Corona (NY) wreck declares "fulfill Your Impossible Dream! Come And See!!!" This is just the kind of contradictory rubbish that makes me doubt the intellectual capacity of the average realtor. If a dream is impossible, it can not be fulfilled. Therefore, there is nothing to "come and see".

More seriously, did any of us ever dream of living in a place like this? When you were young, did your thoughts happily drift off to a faraway land of small badly constructed houses in a distant suburb of an anonymous city? Me neither. Instead, I dreamt of fast cars and easy women.

Of course, life is a catalogue of broken promises. Inevitably the vast majority of us end up in houses like the one in the picture. However, paying $660,000 just to be a failure seems harsh. There has to be a cheaper way to live out a life full of underachievement, misery and disappointment.

Thanks to Cynthia for this one. Keep them coming C. The MLS number is 1775692.

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