Thursday, September 6, 2007

Idle realtor nominated to the overvalued hall of fame.

Here is a somewhat unremarkable wreck from New Jersey. It is on the market for a highly remarkable $1,850,000. What is the realtor commission on that sale? Well, it is over $111,000. So how much effort do you think the realtor put into the write up for this PoS. Here it is, with nothing added or taken away...

"Single Family Property, Area: Brigantine City, County: Atlantic County"

Where is the exaggeration? Where are the lies and misleading sales hype that we have come to love from our nation's realtors. Just nine words? Each of them costing over $12,000 each. I have never seen such idleness from a realtor.

Readers, it is name and shame time. Who is the realtor responsible for this derisory write-up? Here she is, Marie LePera. So come on, Maria. Take the hat off and start scribbling a serious write up.

It is worth checking out Maria's website. Here are some of her recent awards: Circle of Excellence: Platinum Award - 2005, Gold Award - 2003- 2004: Silver - 2002 (NJAR)Prudential Sales Award: Top of the Rock - Diamond 2005; Gold 2003 - 2004; Realtor of the Year, 1999 - ACCBOR. Maria, you can add one more, you are in the overvalued realtor hall of fame.

Changing the subject just slightly and moving onto more metaphysical matters. Maria claims on her website that "Heaven is a little closer in a home by the sea". That makes a change from the more usual assertions about the location of God and his promise of eternal salvation. Recently I told my 4-year-old daughter that heaven was "up in the sky". Previously, I told her that it was in "her heart". She found that completely unconvincing.

Thanks Eric for this one. The listing can be found here.

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