Saturday, September 8, 2007

I just love your carpets

There were so many ugly photos of this Culver City wreck that I didn't quite know where to start. How about starting with the living room. What are those stains just above the window? Could it be mold?

Horrific is the only word that adequately describes the carpet. There is something really creepy about old rugs. They are so unhygenic. Just imagine all those sweaty fungus-filled feet that have tramped over that rag. It is so disgusting that I feel I need a bath just from looking at it.

What does the realtor have to say about this wreck? Lets put it this way; you can always rely on a realtor to say something insanely stupid. This wreak is described as "designer ready". However, the realtor did implicitly concede that there might be something wrong with the current floor covering arrangement. Apparently, there is "wood under the carpet". The realtor also suggests that there is a large yard. Based on the photo above, does anyone agree with that statement?

There is, however, no disagreement about the size of the price. The owner is doing his best to "big-it-up". This dog is on the market for a nasty $800k. Incidentally, that is almost a 100 times more than the house in Pennsylvannia, posted on the previous listing.

I couldn't finish the posting without including this photo. This room is obscenely ugly. Painting a wall dark blue and then putting down some brown carpet must rank as the dumbest home design decision out there.

Thanks to Cara for sending this one. The listing can be found here. There are any other nasty home design features out there. If there are, we need to see them.


eric said...

Your Back!!! This is my favorite blog! Stickin it to the real estate goons. I love how well you illustrate human stupidity when it comes to a house.

John S. said...

You have picked one of the stupidest real estate markets in the nation. L.A.'s west side has lots of crappy run down homes at ridiculous prices. I work on the west side, and I just can't see paying those prices for an easy commute. The schools are horrid. Private school is an additional $1,000 per month for one child. The Megan's Law map shows tons and tons of child predators living in the area. I'll gladly commute 45 minutes to a safer more tranquil community with good public schools. I've made a video on You-Tube, regarding California Home Prices. Here it is...Enjoy