Saturday, September 8, 2007

How small can small be?

Perhaps it is the misleading perspective from the photo, but doesn't the garden shed on the right look larger than the property on the left? The weblisting doesn't help much. It contains no information about the actual size of the house. However, it is probably well south of 400 square feet.

There is another photo on the weblisting which strongly implies that this property is in someone's backgarden. There is a much larger building to the left, which has been cropped from this photo. Therefore, we are on fairly safe grounds when we assume that this is some kind of garden shed conversion.

This photo is really showing "old shed, new shed". Walk with me on this one; if a old garden shed can be converted into a house and replaced with new shed, then perhaps, this new shed can also be converted into a house, and in turn replaced with a new shed. But why stop there, why not convert that one as well. Soon, you could have a garden full of conversions.

The economic incentive for this explosive growth of garden shed conversions is certainly there. Since the shed on the left (the white one) is listed on the market for $729k, it must a highly profitable to go down to the garden supplies store and buy a new shed, put it in your garden and sell it for a similar amount.

You are dying to ask; so where is this property? Well, it is located in Northport, Long Island. Before you rush down to the realtor and ask for a showing, please remember that property taxes are rather high in Long Island. The local authorities are asking for $3,106.96 a year. Moreover, there is a village tax of $967.68 per year.

Finally, does anyone know where do the stairs behind the house lead? It is tempting to suggest that they lead to the upstairs bedrooms. But that can't be right......or can it?

Many thanks to Roocat for yet another excellent wreck. The listing can be found here.

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