Tuesday, September 4, 2007

House of Horrors

The write-up on this wreck tells us that this Outer Sunset (CA) house is needs everything and is "suffering from deferred maintenance". Well, this morning I got out of the DC metro and saw a homeless guy asking for money. So I went over to him and said "sir, you seem to be suffering from deferred consumption of food. Take this 25 cents as a downpayment on your next meal" He looked at me strangely, and suggested that I go forth and multiply. Moreover, he claimed that I was having sexual relations with my mother.

The write-up also says that this house "has some nice features". Presumably, that does not include the current tenant. Here, the write-up is very explicit. It warns potential buyers "do not disturb" the current occupant, who is a trustee. So for $600,000, the current owner is offering a rancid wreck with a grumpy tenant thrown in for free. What more could you want?

This one was sent in by Govno. The MLS number is 302190 and you can find it on www.ziprealty.com.

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