Tuesday, September 4, 2007

High ceilings, no floorspace

This house is so small that you could easily miss it while walking down East 3rd Street in New York. The house is just 20 ft. wide by 38 ft long. Most people have bedrooms bigger than this house.

The realtor write up says that this wreck has "high ceilings". It is hard to reconcile that claim with the photo. Perhaps it is that realtor-speak for "this house has no roof". Indeed, there is no more beautiful ceiling than a starry night. In contrast, the write-up provides no information about the number of bedrooms. One can only assume that there are none. And the price for this little bijou? $550,000.

Thanks Anonymous for sending in the link. The property is listed on frederickpalmer.com. Thanks also for the numerous comments that you leave on this blog. Anonymous, you are our most prolific contributor. Keep up the good work.

Here is this week's competition - can anyone find a smaller house than the one on East 3rd Street.

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