Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Great Wall of Las Vegas

"Gee, I love the location, but I just wish this house had a door and some windows"

You have to think that there is at least one aperture, perhaps on the sides of the building. However, the realtor write-up gives nothing away on this point. There are three bedrooms, tiled floors and a $265,000 price tag, but no mention of any windows.

Nevertheless, let us assume that the house has an entrance and some windows. Then why take a picture of the wall? Two theories immediately come to mind. First, that this wall is the most attractive feature of the house. Second, that when the realtor took the photo, they was puffing on one of those wacky tobacco cigarettes that are common in the western part of the country.

However, this raises some difficult questions about managerial accountability back at the office. What was the Senior Vice President for offfice management doing when this was planted on the desk? "Oh I see you took a very nice photo of the Clark residence. I'm very pleased that you captured the bush and the toilet ventilation system. Buyers are very interested in those features. The wasteland also gives the picture a very strong foreground. However, I assume it wasn't possible, from an artistic perspective, to give the buyer any vision of how they might actually enter the house? Thought not, and yes thank you, I would like one of those home-made cigarettes".

Thanks to "info" who sent this photo and the listing. It can be found on, with an MLS listing of 590014.

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