Thursday, September 6, 2007

Garden shed

Occasionally, nasty overpriced wrecks are described as "garden sheds". However, this particularly disgraceful Seattle listing might actually have started its life as a storage facility for horticultural implements. One suspects that if the photographer had turned his camera 180 degrees, he would have gazed upon a typical family home.

And who can blame the current owner of this garden shed. Just install two windows, a door and some inside partition walls, and quicker than you can call a local realtor and say "reasonably priced starter home", he has a $375k property on the market. That is the sad reality when a city suffers from a bubble; sheds become houses, crack houses become single family homes, and beach huts become seaside mansions.

The realtor write-up claims that the property has a formal dining room. This conjures up images of elegant ladies in ballgowns and kindly old gentlemen in dinner jackets waiting for the butler to ring the bell to announce that dinner is served. However, this happy vista of refined living sits somewhat incongruously with the rickety old roof and dilapidated screen door hanging off its hinges.

This gem was nominated by Timothy, who runs a great blog looking at the insanity of the Seattle housing market. You are encouraged, nay required to check it out. It can be found here. As for the property, the non-believers can find it here. Converted Garden sheds are always a source of great alarm for the readers of this blog. However, we don't avert our eyes when confronted with such horrors.

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