Saturday, September 8, 2007

Elegant eyesore

This is a rare listing. The realtor decided to try out some honesty when describing the New Jersey property.

Elegant eyesore on a street of well-kept, stately traditional homes, this bank-owned capecod is embarrasing but a great opportunity. Solid brick walls on a lawn dotted by trees. Spacious floor plan with room for privacy and entertaining. With a little work, you'll be proud to own this home. NOTE: Possible soil contamination.

How often do you get realtors using the word "eyesore"? Basically, this is the crappiest house on the street, so don't book a visit unless you are prepared to have your neighbors look down on you as the local poor folks. Moreover, the realtor is implying that unless you renovate this wreck, you will be embarrassed to be here.

The reference to soil contamination was also rather refreshing. I wonder how the owners of all the other stately homes on the street feel about having a polluted wreck as a neighbor.

So who came out this gem? Say hello to Nancy Quigley. I wonder if Nancy is as brutally honest with all her listings. I have sneaky feeling that she might be.

Many thanks to "K" for this one. The listing can be found here. It is on the market for $204k. While this site specialises in dishonest and misleading realtor write-ups, we are happy to cater for the occasional honest one.

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