Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dust bowl

Sometimes, an overvalued wreck has an almost indefinable quality about it. Take this Watsonville (CA) house as an example. What is it that makes this house so unattractive?

Could it be the thin layer of dust that envelopes the house? Or is the bars on the windows? After all security is important, it is should be gratifying to know that the current owner has taken the issue seriously. Or is it the highway in front of the house, and the ceaseless noise of traffic. Perhaps, it is the neighborhood. Being surrounded by a coterie of similarly awful houses might be enough to push a house into the PoS category.

Whatever it might be, this wreck certainly has it all. Perhaps it has more, we know little about the condition of the house inside. Is it worth almost $700k? Absolutely not.

Thanks Glen for sending this one into us. The listing can be found on

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