Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Do anything you wanna do.

Where is the house, Mr. Crash? Sorry folks, there is no house with this one; just a vacant lot in Harlem. There is no flaky construction, nor shagged out garden. Just an empty feeling inside that some dagbo out there is about to waste $670,000.

The realtor write-up contains the usual implausible rubbish "Here’s the vacant lot! Build your own Harlem home …from the ground up … exactly the way you want it!Ultra modern 5 story with open floor plan?A classic high stoop brownstone, just like the one to the left and right of the lot? Owner’s triplex with roof deck & 2 bedroom rental?You decide!". Personally, I would build a million condos and sell them for a zillion each. "What do you think, Mr. Mayor Bloomberg? Can I do anything I wanna do?"

Thanks Isabat for the link. It can be found on here.

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