Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cold war realty

The cold war might have ended 15 years ago, but the news didn't get to the owner of this El Sobrante (CA) house. He has been living in the bunker with his canned beef and UHT milk.

Thankfully, the owner has just heard that the Soviet Union has collapsed. Back here at ground level, America is enjoying a housing bubble. Time to call the realtor, who tells this nuclear Rip Van Winkle that his apocalyptic contingency arrangement is worth $475,000.

Although the photo might suggest otherwise, the bunker is occupied. The realtor reckons that it is ready for teardown. However, it might take more than a bulldozer to shift this concrete monstrosity. It was designed to withstand a Soviet nuclear strike.

Thanks Lois for a classic American wreak. The MLS number is 40135777. It can be found on Are there any nuclear bombshelters masquerading as housing in your neighborhood?

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