Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cheap and nasty

We are still looking for America's cheapest listing. Since this is a two-for-one deal at $4,500, it beats our earlier North Dakota posting. This two unit wreck is in Spring Hill, PA.

I'm not sure that the property has a roof, but for $2,250 a piece, the buyer can't expect much. Here is a question, what would be an appropriate rent for the second property. If the rent goes over $21 a month, then the owner can cover his mortgage costs. It would be a case of "buy two, rent one, live for free."

Many thanks to Jeff for this one. The listing can be found here. While it is interesting to see reasonably priced wrecks, perhaps I should get back to the overvalued ones. I have way too much experience of living in houses like the one posted above.

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