Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chained to the kitchen

I have this fantasy. I go to an open house in DC and the realtor leads me to a kitchen like this one. From my backpocket I pull out a small sledgehammer. With one overhead swing, I break the counter top into a thousand pieces, and then follow up with a shattering blow to the stainless steel fridge. Then the cupboards go, followed by the sink and the stove. Within thirty seconds, the kitchen is reduced to a mass of granite, wood splinters, and crumpled metal. Then I turn to the realtor and say "look at what you made me do".

This particular granite coated kitchen comes from a $1,150,000 Boston condo advertized on Craigslist. The realtor - Kelly Dimbat - claims that it is this is "one of the nicest renovations I have ever seen." I bet you say that to all the buyers.

Kelly, you are messin' with us; you made that Dimbat surname up didn't you. It is some kind of perverse joke you are having with your realtor friends.

This kitchen, or should I say, condo was sent in by Susan. She had some interesting background information on this property. The entire house sold for $1.5 million in 2005. Put in a little granite into the kitchen, paint the walls and one year later, 3 units are for sale totalling $3.1 million. Many thanks Susan for the link. I believe it is the first posting from Boston. If you have any kitchen smashing fantasies, let us know about them.

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