Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Californian Crackhouse - Pacoima

Ask youself how much this one bedroom "house" in a crime infested neighborhood might be worth. Close your eyes and think of a number. Did you come up with $420,000? Thought not. However, that is what it will cost you to dodge the bullets and step over the crackpipes in Pacoima. But before you race down to the bank with your mortgage application forms, take a closer look at the roof. You might want to also take out a personal loan to cover a new roof.

The Brits have a great phrase to describe people who combine a 100 percent mortgage with a personal loan to cover moving expenses. They call it "bigging it up". So if your credit is poor, don't worry. There are plenty of banks here in America that will let you big it up and buy this PoS.

Again, thank you Gracie for sending me this one. The MLS ID# is R2008670. It is on www.realty.com. Again, if you have any shocking examples of overpriced real estate, then let the rest of America know.


Anonymous said...

I realize this is an old post, but I just happened to be "googling" the city of Pacoima, given that it is my hometown and I just happen to be incredibly proud of my native turf - and your insulting article made me spit out my caffè latte. It is really ignorant of you to so casually describe the conditions of Pacoima to be so humiliatingly dire. If you take a closer look at the city, through a set of biased eyes of course, and truly evaluate the condition, you'll discover that this property is one of the few, and not the many. As far as the crime rate and narcotic abuse goes, you have grossly exaggerated the situation. I suggest you consult with facts before blindly commenting on any subject matter.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the fellow below me. i was born and raised and am now a successful college student. pacoima is a beautiful city with a lot of history.