Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bring your hammer

Can someone explain this to me? How can an owner let a house deteriorate into an uninhabitable wreck and then wake up one day and think that it is worth $400,000?

The realtor advises that the new owner should "bring a hammer" for this handyman special. Just a hammer? A bulldozer would be more useful. The write-up also boasts that the house offers "complete privacy". The new owner will definitely need the seclusion. He will be too embarrassed to show his face when his friends find out he paid four hundrend thousand bucks for this PoS.

The house is located in Wading River, New York. The MLS number is 1799996. It can be found on the www.mlslirealtor.com website. The virtual tour is definitely worth a look. The picture above, which is the back of the house, is definitely the most attractive feature.

Thanks rooocat for another terrible example of an over-inflated New York house.

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