Saturday, September 8, 2007

Boston shed - $680,000

The following ad has just been posted on craigslist. It seems like a cry from the heart, so I will let the posting speak for itself:

$680000 - Wow.... 25 Square Feet ...... A real investment

You will be the talk of the town in this beautiful shed. 25 square feet of pure luxury....complete with new electrical service provided by a Honda Generator. No water bills...I have rigged the lovely sink/garden hose to feed off of the water fountain in the park across the street. Brand new stainless steel Hibachi providing great cooking and heat. Decorate your sleek TV tray countertops while the frigid Igloo cooler will keeps champagne perfectly chilled. Plush foam rubber adorns the hole in the floor that is the master bathroom. Central AC provided for free by the wind turbine at local 103.

Seem ridiculous? Well this is what most of the homes selling on CL appear like to the average buyer. The boom is over....adjust your prices.

Many thanks to "Big Rock" for alerting me to this one. Any other distressed shed owners out there?

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