Thursday, September 6, 2007

Be a loser in the Hamptons.

It the status conscious Hamptons, this wreck won't get you too many invitations to dinner. You neighbors will think you a fool for spending almost a $1 million on a house that previously used to accommodate the servants.

Once your friends hear that you have a vacation home in the Hamptons, you will be under a lot of pressure to invite them for the weekend. However, imagine their reaction when you greet them on the doorstep of this PoS. Their disappointment will be palpable, when you show them into the living room and ask them to help pull out the sofa bed. On Sunday evening, they will leave the Hamptons thinking that you are financially naive. 'What were they thinking when they bought that wreck? They paid how much? Almost a million!". Rather, it will be your so-called friends that will be dining out on stories about your idiot investment up in the Hamptons.

Our thanks goes out to Edward, who sent this wreck in some time ago. However, I sat on it for a couple of weeks. It was originally listed on Corcoran Real estate with a listing number of 44087.

Recently, I noticed that the listing has disappeared, suggesting that either the realtor has relisted it, or that someone has actually bought it. So maybe this posting has come too late to save this fool from the humilation of owning this wreck in the Hamptons. Personally, I am going to take this posting as a learning experience. Don't sit on emails, otherwise, people might go out and actually buy some of this rubbish.

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