Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another million dollar slum

This Santa Cruz wreck is on the market for $1.3 million. Assuming that it sells at that price, then the realtor will earn a $78,000 commission. One would think that for that price the owner deserved a decent photo of the house. Instead, the realtor posts this contemptuously cropped picture. The realtor couldn't even be bothered to remove their car from the shot. He probably raced around during his lunch hour, jumped out of the car with the digital camera, and snapped the shots in less time than it takes to say "cute starter; needs TLC".

So what will the new owner of this wreck get for their money? Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an ugly overgrown garden measuring just half an acre.

Thanks C.P. for the link. The MLS number is 559684 and it can be found on www.baileyproperties.com. Is there anything else like this out there? I wish there wasn't, but I know better.

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