Friday, August 31, 2007

Million dollar slums - Santa Monica

This is not a real estate sale, this is a monument to the madness of a generation.

The jokers who currently own this 3-bedroom human storage facility are asking $1,650,000. Does anyone know anything about 14th Street, Santa Monica 90404? Initially, I was going to post it under our crackhouse category. For those who need further verification, look on The MLS ID number is 05-069081.

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Walt said...

This is what the government, the Fed and the people in charge are missing. Houses in West LA, Santa Monica and Venice are selling, some, for $1000/sqft.

These areas are very mediocre, bordering on ghetto. They are trendy, and when you give silly young people access to limitless mortgages, this is what you get.

They think they have a problem now. This area, and most of Los Angeles where the houses are price 5x what they're worth, will collapse and will take California and the U.S. with it.

They have NO idea!