Friday, August 31, 2007

Million Dollar Slum - Santa Monica

This 2 bedroom cottage is on the market for $1 million dollars. It was the yard that got me. For some reason, when I saw this one, I thought of my dear old grandfather. Did he brave that hazardous voyage across the Atlantic, so that his grandson would live in a slum like this? If he were alive today, I am sure he would say to me - "we were better off in the old country, at least we had space to breath".

The MLS on this one is 06-001349. Check out the rest of the photos. It doesn't get any better. Sad to say, the open day was two weeks ago. So I may have missed your opportunity to get ripped on this slum. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that this property is still on the market. And given that the market is slowing, I am thinking of phoning the realtor to check on buyer incentives. However, I can't decide whether I should ask for a) a cruise, b) a new TV or c) a redecorated rec room. What should I ask for?

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